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Heart Consciousness Description 

My life story focuses on how I learned about the Way of the Heart—living in alignment with the guidance whispered by the divine consciousness residing within human hearts. While many people follow that inner guidance, the pivotal importance of living open-heartedly versus closed-heartedly is the most important choice a person makes. To understand that I needed to re-educate myself.

Overcoming what I was taught in school and the media and by my elders to view reality in a novel way required lots of mystical experiences, challenges, and love. Eventually, a beautiful, nurturing view of reality came into focus. Over twelve years, I wrote about what I found in all sorts of ways. Finally, I published The Magnificent Soul: The Art of Living in a World Founded on Consciousness (see below). That book expresses the Way of the Heart in a textbook-like format that’s informative but dry.

Reflecting on how resistant I was to learn what’s shared in that book, I remembered incidents in my life that pushed me forward. The hurdles I jumped, the mystical experiences that transpired, and how I came around to accepting such a radical view of reality made my life a stranger-than-fiction story.

Having lived sixty-three years, I’ve learned that few people can let go of the views we’re taught when young. Certainly, small shifts occur in everyone. However, significant shifts in our world views require powerful challenges to break us away from the dogma we were taught in our youth.

So, in this book, I’m sharing how my curious life pushed me over many transformational hurdles to finally open my heart wide enough to see the perfection of everything. I pray this story will help readers like you to benefit from my journey.

The last five chapters go beyond what I learned in my first book (offered below) to share startling revelations about viruses, science, and civilization that ties into the global transformation taking place now.

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