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Book Description 

This 330 page book offers a consciousness based view of reality that focuses on the human soul. Remarkable scientific research provides compelling support for the theory that a soul resides in the human heart. Excerpts from a wide variety of spiritual texts further endorse the age-old soul in the heart concept. Additionally, a gut-mind is included to form a head-heart-gut "Triality" of  consciousness.


This novel Triality of human consciousness readily resolves mysteries that remain unsolved by classical matter based science. For instance the superconscious-soul is shown to be one's inner source of intuition, conscience, genius, love, happiness, health, infallible wisdom and more. The keys to unlocking these treasures of the soul, or Holy Spirit, are; opening the heart, following the heart, and opening to love. These vague concepts are demystified using plain language, illustrative examples, and clarifying diagrams. 

With an accurate map of human consciousness established, you'll be shown how to open and follow your heart. Powerful tools and techniques for deepening your ego-mind's connection to the divine soul in your heart are presented in detail. Then, tips for following your inner guidance empower you to align your ego-mind with your divine soul to be forever blessed with happiness, genius, etc. Additionally, you'll learn how to ask your magnificent soul for assistance with physical and psychological issues to trigger miraculous healing.

A parallel universe founded on consciousness is also introduced. The physical realm is where we live on Earth in physical bodies. The parallel astral realm harbors paranormal mysteries including the afterlife, angels, aliens, heaven, etc. In this framework, a cosmology embracing human individuality offers two paths. The astral realm offers ego driven fulfillment of personal desires. Conversely, this book recommends the meek shall inherit the Earth path—a soul guided adventure leading to the full blossoming of love here on Earth. 

Finally, the end of the book provides compelling support from the Hopi people and a famous Hawaiian kahuna. This ending explores the adventure of discovery that led to this landmark book.

Praise for The Magnificent Soul:

"With George's in-depth research, entertaining stories and spiritual guidance, 'The Magnificent Soul' provides a primer on how to open your heart and engage your superconscious-soul. It is enlightening, transformative and a must read for those searching for understanding and mortal joy." 

—Michelle Quarton, LMSW, life coach, mediator and co-founder of

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